Health and wellness expert, Lauren M. Freiman, L.Ac., focuses on helping people restore balance and bring vibrant health to their lives. With over 10 years of experience in natural healthcare, Lauren offers Acupuncture, Functional Medicine and Yoga Therapy, optimized to provide real, long-lasting solutions to her patient’s health concerns. Her practice includes patients of all ages with specialties in women’s health and infertility, chronic conditions, pain relief and psycho-emotional disorders.

Lauren graduated with high honors from Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she trained under some of the most renowned Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the country. While completing her graduate degree in Chinese Medicine, Lauren was inspired to complement her training with the study of Functional Medicine. This science-based model of medicine views the body as an integrated whole and aims to treat the underlying cause of chronic disease by identifying each person’s unique biochemical and genetic markers. Functional Medicine utilizes a multitude of treatments including nutrition, herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, detoxification, stress management and lifestyle tools.

In her practice, Lauren combines the ancient wisdom of Acupuncture with the modern science of Functional Medicine to offer a comprehensive and integrative approach to healthcare.

Lauren has pursued the practice of yoga for over 20 years and meditation for 12 years. She completed her 200 hour Forrest Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 with Creatrix, Ana Forrest. A passionate and inspiring teacher, Lauren offers Yoga Therapy to augment her patient’s healing, and provide them with tools to cultivate balance, beauty, and connection to spirit in their lives.

Currently Lauren maintains a busy practice in Malibu, CA. She is dedicated to helping her patients achieve optimal health and grace in body, mind and soul.

Lauren FreimanLicensed Acupuncturist