Meditation Mondays

Do want to learn how to meditate? Go deeper in your practice? Feel connected enough to meditation that you maintain a CONSISTENT DAILY practice?

In this Meditation class, you will:

  • Learn how to breathe to calm your mind, your nervous system, and move you into a deep meditative state
  • Improve your ability to release physical, emotional and mental stress.
  • Establish a connection to the energy of meditation, which enables you to meditate naturally and easily.
  • Discover your “spiritual anatomy” and how to use your human form to realize your true self, and your built in connection to the divine.
  • Connect to a beautiful community of fellow meditators on the spiritual path.

Lauren’s meditation guidance is special. Her instruction is joyful and light-hearted yet at the same time deep and transformational. Her many years of advanced study and practice bring a full-spectrum energy to her teaching that is beneficial for persons of all levels.

Linda H., Oxnard

I use an App to help me meditate. How is this class different?

Learning to meditate is just like learning to do any new skill. How would you learn best how to play a musical instrument? Through an app or live, direct teaching? Meditation is exactly the same.

Say you decide, I really want to learn how to play guitar. You find a skilled guitar teacher that you connect to. You learn by watching them, listening to them and studying the instructions they give you. You even learn simply by being around them. After your lesson, you go home and practice. Ideally every day. The more direct the teaching, and the more you practice, the faster you’ll learn.

I’ve struggled with meditation. Will this class really help me to get it?

Yes. I too struggled with meditation for years before meeting my teacher, Mark Griffin in 2003. His presence, direction and energy enabled me to learn quickly and my practice has deepened exponentially over time. These are the teachings I make available in our time together.

Are the classes recorded if I can’t make it live?

Yes, replays are uploaded to a group facebook page, and made available within 24 hours of the class. If you’re not on facebook, let me know and I will email you replays.

This class time doesn’t work for me .. is there any other way I can study with you?

Absolutely. You may either take the class through the replays or work with me individually. Contact me for more information.

I’ve always known meditation to be beneficial and thanks to Lauren, I’m finally learning how! Since taking her classes my mind has been calmer, stress levels lower and I feel all around more peaceful and happy. I love how easy to follow and inspiring Lauren’s teaching is, and my meditations are deeper than ever. I look forward to every Monday we meet!

Michael A., Marina Del Rey

New classes start January 11, 2021
Mondays 5:30-6:30pm PST
Location: Zoom
Fee: $144/6 Week Series, $244/12 Week Series or $25/class drop in

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Lauren Freiman has been a dedicated student of meditation and the unfoldment of the spirit, since meeting her Guru, Master Mark Griffin in 2003. She had the great fortune to spend 15 blissful years of intense, close study under him where she received his grace, knowledge and blessings until his passing in October 2018. Lauren’s teaching stems from Tibetan Buddhism and Kashmir Shaivism, which she has studied over many years through meditation, contemplation and integration with everyday life. Her classes are a fusion of her acquired wisdom and inner realization, spoken through a present day lens that is accessible to practitioners of all levels. She offers her teachings to the lotus feet of the Siddha Lineage, the Enlightened Sangha, and most especially her Beloved Guru.

I have benefited greatly from Lauren’s online group meditation practice during this stay at home time. Less worry, less stress from Lauren’s teachings brings forth new energy that has increased my creativity, improved my sleep and helped tremendously with chronic pain.

Diane J., Malibu