“I think Lauren has a real gift. Her medicine is strong. I come out of each session feeling like I’ve gone into another zone of healing and transformation. I don’t even know what it is she is doing, but I always come out feeling deeply changed! I had so much inflammation and soreness in my shoulder and she approached it in a multi-faceted way to open the channels and get me moving again! She is a compassionate and serious healer who knows her field!”
Leslie Bixler, Life Coach
“Malibu Acupuncture and Herbs was an oasis for me while I was trying to get pregnant, as well as through my pregnancy and delivery. Lauren’s bright, calm spirit brought me a peace and confidence that all was going to be well. And it definitely was! Before Lauren, I had challenges with conceiving and then, after a few months of treatment and herbs, I found myself pregnant! I believe our beautiful, baby boy, Jonah, is here because of the treatments, herbs and amazing support that Lauren provided. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone in need of fertility assistance or, really, any health issue that requires a true healer’s attention- for Lauren is just that a true, and gifted, healer.”
Renee Beaulaurier, Mother
“Lauren is not only intuitive, but a truly talented practitioner that gets RESULTS. She works with you. She listens. Her spiritual nature, and years of practicing meditation, and knowledge of nutrition all come into play with the excellent bodywork/acupuncture techniques that she uses. I refer all of my clients to her without hesitation.”
Talya Meldy, Colon Hydrotherapist
“Lauren is a gifted, talented, and caring acupuncturist. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cervical spinal stenosis which caused constant discomfort. I saw two neurologists to confirm the diagnosis and both recommended surgery as the only viable option. Over the course of several treatments, Lauren was able to eliminate the pain entirely. I am still pain free today (with no surgery). I am very grateful to Lauren and highly recommend her.”
Richard Ellis, President GemCap
“I came to Lauren after an emergency hysterectomy that left me exhausted, depleted, and completely out of balance. In addition to the task of recovering physically from surgery itself, the sudden onset of menopause caused me a great deal of stress and discomfort in my body. I swung between depression and anxiety, experienced hair loss and was unable to sleep.

My Western doctors told me I should be back on my feet and feeling good within a couple of weeks post-surgery, but my recovery was nowhere near this sudden. This left me feeling very discouraged that my recovery was not proceeding according their timeline.

I worked with Lauren weekly for over a year and together we mindfully addressed each issue. With Lauren’s love, skill and intuition she helped me find my way back to health, at the pace that was appropriate for my body. Lauren is a very gifted healer.”
Heather Tormey, Therapist
“I attribute my sense of health and well being to Lauren at Malibu Acupuncture & Herbs. I’m a once a weeker, and find the acupuncture accompanied with chinese herbs and supplements really keep me balanced. I really feel a difference if I have had to miss my appointments for a few weeks. We work on where I am in my cycle and emotional state, and whatever else comes up. She has the ability to tweak what is out of kilter and find that sense of calm that we all strive for. I love that Lauren is continuously educating herself and works with top quality suppliers for her herbs and supplements, that’s important to me. I have had Acupuncture in my life for over 10 years…I hate to think where I would be without it!”
Shawn Carvalho, Pilates Instructor
“I wouldn’t be a functioning human being without Lauren!!! She is a true healer & teacher. I always feel she really hears what I’m saying and understands what issues I need “fixed”, from a backache to pms, I always leave her office feeling relaxed and 100% better then when I walked in. She is kind, caring & compassionate and truly cares about helping people.”
Teresa Gelbman, Office Manager, Malibu Times
“Lauren has a keen sense of healing and loving heart. She has been treating me with acupuncture for many year and her expertise in treating all maladies is exceptional. For me the stress of daily life was taking its toll on my body and mind, and with her treatments she was able to keep me balanced and healthy. I trust her completely and highly recommend her.”
Peggy Platner, Principal Designer, Platner & Co
“I’ve been going to Malibu Acupuncture for about 3 months now, and let me tell you it has changed my life. Lauren has done more for me in the few months I’ve been going there than any traditional doctor I have seen. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable. The treatments she does are absolutely incredible. I look forward to it every week and walk out feeling like a new person every time. I highly recommend Malibu Acupuncture, whether you are ill or just for improving your life. GO!”
Steve Hubbard, Visual Effects Artist
“Lauren Freiman is a true healer! I have been going to her for acupuncture for the last 6 years or so and I feel such deep gratitude for having found her. Whether I feel miserable with a cold or my back is out or if I just need a tune up, I walk out of her office a new person. Every time I walk into Malibu Acupuncture I feel like my treatment actually begins as I’m sitting in the waiting room. There is a distinct presence of tranquility and healing in that place. Lauren’s graceful, insightful, compassionate, intuitive and gentle approach has allowed me to truly relax and heal in a way I had never experienced before coming into her care. Thank you Lauren!”
Eva Stattine, Acupuncturist
“Lauren Freiman, the professional Acupuncturist here, has a gift for healing all that ails you. I see her once a month (or more when necessary) for maintenance. After every visit—even if already feeling ok—I feel more energized & less anxiety. I HIGHLY recommend a visit. It’s not always about needles…herbs and other health tips she has provided have been extremely worthwhile for me over the past year.”
Michael Armijo, Investment Manager
“Dr. Lauren is AH-mazing!!!! I have had acupuncture before but wanted to find a place near my work once a shoulder injury leapt into my world, in addition to ankle and knee issues. Dr. Lauren is extremely knowledgeable — we chatted about all manner of things and she had great advice (I am currently detoxing from coffee following a discussion she and I had and a book she recommended). What I love best is that she seems to use different modalities. For example, she used both acupuncture and massage on my shoulder then suggested, and showed me, some stretching exercises to do at home. The office is awesome — in an idyllic setting above a courtyard next to Taverna Tonys. I am making this a regular recurrence.”
Rhiannon Bailard, Administrator, Pepperdine University