Do you have a health issue you’re currently putting on the back burner? 

Maybe it’s lingering anxiety and stress you haven’t yet addressed?

Or a nagging injury calling your attention?

How would you feel if that issue was RESOLVED?

How would your life and relationships look different?

Radical Transformation is a custom-designed program to get you where you want to go. It’s for people who are ready to invest in themselves and create a major change.

It’s about you saying yes to yourself and your life. 

What’s included? Using my 15+ years as a healer, acupuncturist, yogi, meditator, and natural health practitioner, I will guide you on a 5 or 10 focused acupuncture or yoga sessions (or for best results, both!) journey to investigate and heal yourself. 

In addition, depending on your goals, you’ll get:

  • nutritional coaching
  • detox protocols and support 
  • herbs and nutritional supplements*
  • therapeutic/ healing exercises
  • tools for relaxation and meditation

How can Radical Transformation help you?

  • Change your relationship to stress and overwhelm. 
  • Restore balance and get the self-care you need.
  • Detox or lose weight.
  • Create major progress towards healing a chronic health issue, pain, or injury.
  • Release emotional holding or trauma.
  • Learn tools to retrain your nervous system and cultivate ease.

Are you onboard? Radical Transformation is only available for purchase until August 15th.

Radical Transformation Options

*Herbs and nutritional supplements not included.