I love adventures. One of my favorite destinations is India, where I’ve been lucky enough to visit about eight times over the past 10+ years.

Being a natural healthcare professional, I picked up a bag full of tricks along the way. I hope these tips fortify your vacation with health, ease and relaxation.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Drink enough water while traveling? Drink more!

Drinking plenty of water helps to mitigate jet lag and keep you hydrated amidst dry planes and hot summer days. The perks of being hydrated include less headaches, fatigue, brain fog, muscles aches and likelihood of catching colds/flu.

Tip:   When flying, drink at least .5 liters every 2 hours you are aboard the plane. Add electrolytes to water if you’re not feeling hydrated enough from drinking water alone, or if you’re looking for an extra boost. My favorite electrolyte replacer, Ultima Replenisher, has no artificial flavors or colors, preservatives and is sweetened with Stevia.

Practice Surrender

Surrender is the travel mantra. While travelling, we learn the quintessential life lesson that all we can ever do in life is plan, the rest is out of our hands.

If you find yourself stuck in a less than desirable situation that is beyond your control, remember this too is part of the journey. Stay positive and look for the humor in every tight spot.

Tip:   De-stress and gain clarity by deep belly breathing. Not only will you keep yourself calm and centered, but your travel companions will benefit too. Check out this reminder on how to belly breathe.

Do a Technology Cleanse

If at all possible, unplug to make the most of your vacation. The constant distraction and stress that comes from phones, emails and texts can really put a damper on your otherwise fabulous R & R.

Tip:   If you’re not able to unplug 100%, pick a few hours every day to take “off”. During your time, leave your phone in your hotel room. It’s crucial to physically detach your phone from your personal self. It’s the most surefire way to feel truly free from work and avoid any temptations you might have.

Keep moving

Movement keeps the lymphatic system online, which becomes sluggish when sedentary for long periods. It also helps increase blood circulation, shift energy levels, and keep your muscles loose and relaxed in order to (very happily) avoid a stiff       [fill in the blank]       when you finally arrive at your destination.

Tip:   Stretch or take a little walk every hour while flying or every two while road-tripping. Aim to stretch your hamstrings, quads, hips, shoulders. Decompress the spine by doing a standing forward fold (knees slightly bent for those with tight hamstrings or low back).

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snack)

Unfortunately travel food is renowned for being loaded with sodium, fats, preservatives, and chemicals. Skip it. With just a little prep, you can ensure healthy snacks for yourself and your family.

Tip:   Find delicious, healthy snack ideas here.

Take a prophylactic herbal cocktail

Between the stress of preparing for travel, and germ-happy plane rides, catching a bug while traveling is all too common. Be proactive!

Tip:   Begin taking a travel-well cocktail 3-5 days before departing. Continue while en-route and then once again, before your return. I recommend* probiotics, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and a formula containing immune-boosting Reishi, Astragalus, and Cordyceps. For details on dosages and recommended brands stop by or call the office.

*Please consult your acupuncturist before beginning any new herbs or supplements.

Are you an avid jet setter?

What’s your tried & true healthy travel tip?