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Malibu Acupuncture
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Are you ready to have more energy?  Reduce inflammation? Conquer cravings? Lose weight?  Balance your hormones naturally?

Join the Spring Liver Detox 

Signs that you may benefit from a liver detox include:
   indigestion, bloating, gas, sluggish bowels
   difficulty managing stress
   chronic tension or chronic pain especially in the neck, shoulders, jaw or hips
   headaches or migraines
   frequent colds, lowered immune system
  PMS, other hormonal signs
   mood swings, irritability, frustration
   “foggy” brain, difficulty focusing
   high cholesterol
   gallstones or difficulty digesting fats
   weight gain or slow metabolism
   feeling “stuck” emotionally or in another aspect of life

Level 1 
7 days 

Liver Detox Consult
20 page detox booklet with recipes
1 Acu-Detox or Acu-Tune up Session

Liver Detox Herbal Kit 
$220 (Save 20%)*

Level 2 
21 days

Liver Detox Consult
20 page detox booklet with recipes

3 Acu-Detox or Acu-Tune up Sessions

Liver Detox Herbal Kit

$420 (Save 20%)*

For more information on how liver detoxification works read my most recent blog,
The Wonders of Liver Cleansing

To reserve your spot for the spring liver detox, call, email or stop by the office.
* Early bird pricing has been extended until Friday, April 25th so don’t delay! 

Yours in Radiant Health, 

Lauren Freiman, L.Ac
Malibu Acupuncture & Herbs


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