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Health and wellness expert, Lauren M. Freiman, L.Ac is dedicated to helping people restore balance and bring vibrant health to their lives. With over 12 years of experience in natural healthcare, Lauren offers Acupuncture, Functional Medicine and Private Yoga optimized to provide real, long-lasting solutions to her patient’s health concerns. Her practice includes patients of all ages with specialties in women’s health and infertility, chronic conditions, pain relief and psycho-emotional disorders. Lauren graduated with high honors from Emperor's College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where she trained under some of the most re-knowned Chinese Medicine Practitioners in the country. A lifelong meditator and yoga practitioner herself, Lauren is a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, educated by Forrest Yoga Founder Ana Forrest. In her practice, Lauren weaves together her many tools including nutrition, herbal medicine, detoxification protocols, meditation, therapeutic yoga, and stress management exercises to guide her patients in attaining optimal health in body, mind and spirit.

Understanding Acid Reflux (and how to treat it without drugs)

Did you know that acid reflux affects approximately 50% of Americans? That’s half!
It’s a pain, literally, with its hallmark being that heartburn feeling—a burning sensation that radiates from the stomach upwards towards the abdomen, chest or throat, an acid feeling in the throat, or […]

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Recipe: Coconut Cacao Superfood Smoothie

It’s a smoothie… no it’s a desert… no it’s a smoothie! With delish superfood ingredients like raw cacao, coconut and bee pollen, this smoothie will keep you going for the long haul and satisfy any sweet tooth.
Wondering what a superfood is? Superfoods are nutritionally […]

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How Acupuncture Works

I’ve been practicing acupuncture for 8 years and I am still totally amazed by the mystery of its inner workings. You can see why.

I’ve witnessed incredible things: migraine and chronic pain patients becoming pain-free, people with lifelong anxiety and depression no longer having symptoms […]

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The Real Cause of Hypothyroidism

You’ve been told you have hypothyroidism. Maybe you’ve been experiencing symptoms like weight gain, cold hands and feet, fatigue, hair loss, anxiety or depression and brain fog for a while without knowing why.

1 in 4 women in or near perimenopause are diagnosed with hypothyroidism- […]

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6 Ways to Heal Bloating, Constipation & Other Digestive Symptoms

In Chinese Medicine the gut is called the sea of 10,000 diseases. It’s a name that always struck me.

Many experts in the medical community agree— true health is all about the gut. Inflammation, allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, even fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression (read […]

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Antioxidant Power Smoothie

As I sit here writing, I’m drinking my new favorite smoothie. It could be called pink- purple creamy bliss in a glass. It’s absolutely delicious (as you would imagine). Not only that, it’s ridiculously good for you.
You’ve heard about antioxidants- the anti-aging, anti-disease chemicals found […]

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The Reboot and Recharge Detox

Is it time to give your body a little R & R (Reboot & Recharge)? If you’re anything like me, the craziness of the holiday season combined with sugary treats, comfort food and drinks, may have left you feeling like you desperately need to press […]

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Your Holiday Survival Guide

With the holidays in full swing, I want to help you glide through these days with the grace and knowledge of a pro.

Navigating the holiday seas can seem treacherous and overwhelming at times, but with game ready awareness and tools in your pocket, it […]

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Yes! Acupuncture Works For Kids & Teens Too!

People often ask what the youngest age that I can treat is. I’ve treated patients as young as 2 months and as old as 97. Babies, kids and teens respond to acupuncture just as well as adults.

Acupuncture for kids and teens […]

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How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Do you sleep well? As we age, that good ol’ sleep that we so depend on can become an issue. A big issue. And it’s not just the annoyance of tossing and turning in the night that is the downside of skimping on sleep.
Lack of […]

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